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The position of Bulgaria is on the transition between Europe and Asia,forms its teritory as a geographic cross-road and is one of the factors for the abundance of the nature and good climate.

Our country is in the system of European infrastructure from long time before,its teritory is crossed from one of the most important land roads from western Europe for the near and middle East(Paris-Vien-Belgrad-Sofia-Svilengrad-Istanbul) and from Baltian countries and Eastern Europe towards Mediterranean coast(Saint Petrburg-Moscow-Kiev-Bukuresht-Sofia-Solun-Athens).

In comparatively small teritory Bulgaria are combined different by size and physical appearance lowlands,plains,mountains and heterogeneous earth elements - riverlowlands,caves,ice forms,sandy and rocky coasts,beautiful rocky formations.


Relative Location:
South-eastern European Balkan Peninsula, between the Black Sea (to the east), Turkey to south-east), Greece (south), Romania (north), Serbia and Macedonia (FYROM) to the west - a strategic location near Turkish Straits which allows for control of major land and water routes from Europe and Russia to the Middle East and Asia

Absolute location (average coordinates): 43 degrees north, 25 degrees east

Total: 110,910 sq km
Land: 110,550 sq km
Water: 360 sq km

Total Land borders: 1,808 km
Land borders with:
Turkey: 240 km
Greece: 494 km
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 148 km
Yugoslavia: 318 km (all with Serbia)
Romania: 608 km

Coastline: 354 km

Maritime claims:
Contiguous zone: 24 nm
Exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Territorial sea: 12 nm

Mixed: mostly temperate in the north and Mediterranean-influenced in the south
Four distinct seasons; cold, damp winters and hot, dry summers

Terrain: mostly mountains, with lowlands in north Danubian Plain and in south-east

Elevation extremes:
Lowest point: Black Sea - 0 m
Highest point: Musala Peak - 2,925 m (also the highest point on Balkan Peninsula)

Key Natural resources: Iron ore, manganese ore, chromium, copper ore, zinc, bauxite, lead, coal, timber, arable land

Fuel reserves: Gas and oil

Land use: Arable land: 43%
Permanent crops: 2%
Permanent pastures: 14%
Forests and woodland: 38%
Other: 3%

Irrigated land:12,370 sq km