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The village of Poliana is located in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, 30 km from Yambol, 30 km from the popular town of Elhovo, 120 km from the Sea town of Burgas and only 60 km from the Bulgarian-Turkish border.
The population of the village of Poliana is about 630 inhabitants.
The village of Poliana  is located in the Straldja  Municipality, in the Yambol region.
Straldja is a small town, but the geographical position, transformed the town of road – economic- administrative centre /Straldja Minucipality/. The town is located in a weighty roads, connecting the Black Sea with the interior of North and South Bulgaria.
The town of Straldja is situated, within a short driving distance, north-east of Yambol – 23 km.
The population of the town of Strandja are about 6 500 inhabitants.
The earliest informations for the town are meeting from Turkish-Ottoman documents. For the many years history of the town of Straldja “spoken” us the presence of remains of the ancient Thracian and the settlements of the Middle Ages.
The historicals and the nature landmarks  in the Municipality are quite. Between them are:  a more of centennial church “ St. Arhangel Mihail “, the monuments of the culture with the values icons and wood-carving, the warm mineral spring in the town, the cure disease of  the kidneys and skin diseases, the medical spring in the village of Pravdino, great number of churches in the rest settlements in the Strandja Municipality. The ethnography museum in the village of Zimnitsa, also is of great value.
The settlements belonging to Straldja Municipality are:  Aleksandrovo, Atolovo, Bogorovo, Vodenichane, Voinika, Djinot, Zimnitsa, Irechekovo, Kamenets, Leiarovo, Lozenets, Liulin, Malenovo, Nedialsko, Palauzovo, Pravdino, Parvinets, Saransko, town of Straldja, Tamarino, Charda.

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