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Properties in Bulgaria, Sredets, 1

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An apartment is for sale after renovation only 25 km from the famous seaside city of Bourgas
An apartment is for sale after renovation only 25 km from the famous seaside city of Bourgas
SREDETS is a town in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Burgas Province, located in the proximity of Lake Mandrensko and the northern slopes of Strandzha. The area of Sredets has been inhabited since antiquity and a Bulgarian and Byzantine fortress existed nearby during the Middle Ages. The modern town was first mentioned in 1595 by one of the foreign travellers who passed through....
Resales Bargains Refurbished Ref. No.: 3520
Town / Village: Sredets
Living area: 40.00 sq. m.
Price: € 12,500

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Properties in Bulgaria, Sredets, 1

The town of Sredets is located next to the most developed tourist region in the country – the Bulgarian south Black Sea Coast. The town is only 30 km away from Bourgas airport and the shortest road from south-east Bulgaria to the south coast and Turkey goes through it. Gentle-sloped hills and valleys are favourable to the development of hiking. The variety of game provides great opportunities for hunting. Fakijska river which flows in the mountain part of the Sredets municipality is a good place for camping and fishing and the lakes near Sredec and Momina carkva are the right place for keen fishermen.Sredets is a center for a variety of cultural and other activities signs of which are the cultural center, archeological exposition, ethnographical museum, library, folklore song and dance group, dance group for children, students’ ecological club. Each May a traditional national fair for young talents is held and twice a year you can see two authentic Bulgarian customs – “Enyova bulja”/ young ladies go round the houses for health and fertility/ and “Kukeri”/all the people cover their faces with masks and have bells to chase the evil away/. Sredetz is an old town. It has been an attractive place for the ancient Thracians due to its natural resources, favorable geographical position and mild climate.A Roman road, used about 2000 years /till 1913/, from Deultum to Adrianopol /today’s Odrin/ has been there during the Roman epoch. Small settlements, so called Roman villas, for cultivation of the land, have been founded round the city at that time.The lands of today Sredetz became a part of the hinterland of Byzantium after the capital had been moved from Rome to Constantinople in the 4th century. Because of the frequent barbarian invasions at that time the approaches to the capital have been strengthened and strategic fortresses have been built in the end of the 5th beginning of the 6th century on Strandzha ridges. From this time is and the castle in the place called "Kaleto" 2 km northwest from today’s town. After the foundation of the Bulgarian state the castle became a fortified settlement that has been existed till the end of the 13th century.Because of the troubled times in the end of the 14th century and the establishment of the Ottoman control the settlement has been moved to the position of today’s town near the fountain after the which it has been named, Karabunar /The black well/. The settlement is known as Karabunar in the Ottoman registers during the period of 1676 – 1731 and it is often mentioned by Ottoman and Western European travellers being in these places in the 17th – 18th centuries.Strandzha region is well-known for its wealth of historic sites. It offers a great number of tourist attractions: dolmens, Thracian hills and tombs, "The Stone" - a Thracian sanctuary - by the village of Dolno Yabalkovo, ancient and medieval castles called /kaleta/, the medieval Bulgarian trench "Erkesiya", the "Saint Zhivopriemnii Istochnik Monastery near the village of Goliamo Bukovo, the chapel "The Assumption" in Bozhura area, chapels in the villages of Rosenovo, Panchevo and Belevren, "The All Saints" Church in Sredetz, the church of "St. Paraskeva" - famous for its splendid wall-painting - in the village of Momina Tsarkva, as well as the churches in the villages of Fakiya, Drachevo, Slivovo, Zornitsa, Suhodol, Dyulevo, Bogdanovo and many others.The wealth of material culture, art and learning of the population is preserved in the expositions of History Museum of "Sredetc", Ethnographical Complex "Karabunarska Kashta" and Bailova Kashta". Examples of household crafts, traditional textiles, clothing and adornments of the four ethnographical groups inhabiting Sredetc municipality – tronki, ruptci, zagartci and zagortci are presented here.


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