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The village of Slavyantsi is located in Southeastern Bulgaria, 20 km from the town of Kotel, 40 km from the town of Sliven and only an hour driving from the Black sea and the town of Burgas. The closest settlements are: the municipality’s centre – the town of Sungulare and the village of Chubra.
The village of Slavyantsi belongs to Sungulare municipality, Burgas district.
The territory of Sungurlare municipality is one of the biggest in Burgas County. It is situated on area of 824.4 sq. m. in the northwestern part of Burgas County. On the north it is bounded by Shumen County, on the east by Ruen municipality, on the south - by Karnobat municipality and on the west it borders by the Sliven and Yambol counties.
The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Sungurlare, situated in the beautiful Sungurlare Valley, which spreads form the village of Mokren to the village of Lozarevo.
Sungurlare originated and developed as a cross-road settlement. It was registered in Turkish records of XVI century under the names Syongurlar and Songurlar. During the yoke many Bulgarians of this region moved to Russia and found the village of Nikolaevka in the Crimean region. In 1974 the settlement acquired the rights of a town.
The district is a rich combination of mountain, hilly and flat terrain.
The climate is moderately continental. Mild winter, early spring, mild summer and warm autumn characterize it. The Municipality disposes of good in quality and quantity water resources. The rivers Mochuritsa and Luda Kamchiya, on which Kamchiya artificial lake was built, run through it. It supplies the greatest part of the counties of Burgas and Varna with drinking water. The total number of micro-reservoirs on the territory of the municipality is 46.
In Sungurlare municipality there are 31 towns and villages, classified in 26 municipalities and deputy-mayor's regions. The villages are: Beronovo, Vezenkovo, Saedinenie, Prilep, Lozarevo, Podvis, Terziisko, Vedrovo, Manolich, Ognen, Madrino, Valchin, Chernitsa, Lozitsa, Grozden, Chubla, Slavyantsi, Skala, Dabovitsa, Klimash, Kosten, Bosilkovo, Zavet, Kamchiya, Esen, Balabanchevo, Sadovo, Velislav, Manolich, Pchelin, Kamensko.

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