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The village of Sinapovo is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, 10 km from Elhovo, 15 km from Topolovgrad, 40 km from the Bulgaria-Turkish border / the check point – Lesovo/ and 110 km from the South Sea town – Burgas.
The village is disposed on the right waterside of the “Iavyzdere” river, feeder of the Tundja river, between Sakar Mountain and Manastirski elevations.
Sakar Mountain make a good impression the good looks of wonderful nature and a great diversity of flora and fauna. This region is one of the  abundant place of predatory birds, threatened with extinction.  The highest top is “Vishegrad” - 856,3 meters, the lowest - .”Toklu gully” - 45 meters. The Ysterm convent  “St. Troitsa” is interesting monuments of culture.
Many UK families prefer this place and one part of them already have owns business.
The hamlet of Malak Manastir is located in the Elhovo Municipality.
Republic of Bulgaria is division of 28 administrative Municipality.
The Haskovo region is of territory of 5 543 sq. m.
The region including 261 built-up area in this number. 10 of then – cites and 251 – villages. They set up in 11 Municipalities – Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Svilengrad, Lubimets, Harmanli, Simeonovgead, A Mineral spring, Stambolovo, Ivailovgrad, Madjarovo and Topolovgrad.
Topolovgrad Municipality is located in south-eastern part of Bulgaria. Abut on the Municipalities Tundja, Elhovo, Svilengrad, Gulubovo and Radnevo, as Republic of Turkish in the length by the village of Prisadets. The Municipality cover northern slopes of Sakar Mountain and a part of Tundja valley, on territory from 716 sq. km. In the strength of the Municipality  include 21 built-up areas with a total 16 156 inhabitants. As  with the advantageous nature- geographical position, the Topolovgrad  Municipality, as well distinguished with an exceptionally optimum  transportation-communication position (the Municipality is on the border between three regions – Haskovska, Starozagorska and Yambolska, what to turn  influence from economic development of the area. The relief of the Municipality is rather varied – predominate a low-mountain  and hall relief, with from 100 to 300 meters altitude.
The leading priorities for the Municipality are connecting with a development of the tourism in all workable shape for the region, as creating of modern and intensive agricultural and livestock breeding. On the territory on the Municipality centre foresee a building of exchange for  a fruits and green stuff, which will be exist , as   branch office of the exchange in the town of Haskovo. It will help for a realizing of agricultural production and will regulate the prises of the fruits and green stuff in the region.
A substantial agents of the tourism in the Municipality, as favorable physical – geographical facts– Sakar Mountain, Tundja river and the feeder of the river, as the richly cultural-historical
inheritance of the region – the hill “Paleokastro”, the dolmens, the Monastery  “St. Troitsa”
. In the Municipality existing a wonderful condition for the development of the hunting and alternative tourism. The future buildings of the “Hancheto” artificial lake, contribute to development of the water tourism and sports.

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